Jeff Beck photo by Jon Levicke

On June 22, 1968 Jimi Hendrix showed up at the legendary Scene Club in New York City, an afterhours hangout for many of the RocknRoll greats, and jammed with the original lineup of the Jeff Beck Group which was Jeff on (gtr.) Rod Stewart (vcls.) Ron Wood (bass) and Mick Waller (drums). Jimi obviously didn't have his guitar (a rarity) so Jeff seems to have handed Jimi his right handed Les Paul which Jimi just flipped over to sit in with the group.

I recently connected with Jeff Beck on his latest gig in Nashville and gave him these photos. He kindly signed the photo at the top of this page to me after seeing these pics. He liked what he saw (especially the shot of Ron Wood smiling from behind the Marshall amps.) His only disapointment was that there were no shots of him and Jimi together. Jeff's manager said to me, "Jeff would move heaven and earth to have a picture of him with Jimi but none seem to exist."

I told him that some did exist (from the 1968 Day Top Festival) but I can't locate the photographer. (yet) Can anyone out there help?

Meanwhile, enjoy these rare images.

Photos by Carol Seigel

A Smiling
Ron Wood behind
the Marshalls

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